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Web Shop General Conditions

AntibodyChain Webshop General Conditions


This webshop is brought to you by AntibodyChain International.

AntibodyChain International is located at:

Wim Duisenbergplantsoen 31

6221SE, Maastricht


CC No:   59305266
VAT No: NL8534.13.794.B.01


If you have any comments or queries about the website please contact us.




1. By placing an order in this webshop you accept AntibodyChain Webshop’s General Conditions as stated in this document. You declare to be authorised to enter into this agreement on behalf of the company that you specified on the order form.


2. The AntibodyChain Webshop’s services are only available for legal persons. The legal person you represent is hereinafter referred to as “Customer”. The Customer is not considered a consumer as defined in any consumer protection legislation.


ABC Webshop Account


3. Customers may apply for a ABC Webshop Account by completing the form that is provided in the webshop. 


Contractual partner


4. AntibodyChain International BV (hereinafter referred to as “ABC”) does not produce antibodies or any other biotechnical products offered in our shop. ABC performs an intermediary function between Customer and the companies specified in the offer of products in our shop (hereinafter referred to as “Supplier(s)”). This means that, when the Customer places an order via the AntibodyChain Webshop (hereinafter referred, to as “ABC Webshop”) the Customer enters into a Purchase Agreement with the Supplier(s) for the purchase of the products as specified in the offer of products and in the complete overview of the order. During the ordering process it is clearly specified with which Supplier(s) you are concluding an agreement. 


5. The current AntibodyChain Webshop General Conditions take precedence over general conditions of Supplier(s). If any condition of Supplier is contrary to these General Conditions the Supplier’s condition shall not apply. 




6. The ABC Webshop advertises primary and secondary antibodies, kits, lysates, proteins and peptides (hereinafter referred to as “Product(s)”). All of these Products are intended for use in research. 


7. All Product advertised in the ABC Webshop are offered by the Suppliers. The Supplier is responsible for the correctness of the product information provided in the ABC Webshop. Although the ABC Webshop and the Suppliers give their best efforts to only provide correct information, neither the ABC Webshop nor the Suppliers do accept responsibility for mistakes. Support requests regarding Products, like requests for product characteristics, availability of the product, delivery status, etcetera may be directed to the ABC Webshop and will be forwarded to the concerned Supplier. 


8. ABC reminds you of the fact that the purchase or use of any Product in any test involving either animals or humans as well as the administration of any Product to animals or humans may fall within the scope of specific national or regional legislation or regulation regarding medical products, medial treatment or medical research. Neither ABC, the ABC Webshop, nor the Supplier is able to assess applicability of such national or regional legislation. The use of any Product in research, as well as compliance with all applicable legislation and regulation, therefore remains the sole responsibility of the Customer purchasing the Product. ABC, the ABC Webshop and the Supplier(s) advise Customers to check the applicability of national or regional legislation or regulation prior to ordering Product(s) and may not be held responsible for any regulatory enforcement or otherwise.




9. By returning the ordering form, the Customer accepts the current General Conditions. The ABC Webshop will confirm the order by returning the Order Overview (I) listing purchased Products and the concerned Supplier(s); (II) providing information about the terms of the Purchase Agreement(s) in respect of the procedure to be followed in case of non-conformity or other problems; and (III) referring to the current General Conditions.  




10. The ABC Webshop will invoice the Customer for the purchase of Product(s) immediately. The invoice will include purchase costs and VAT if applicable. Handling costs are not included. Invoices are payable within 14 days after receipt. In case the Customer holds an ABC Webshop account the invoices are payable within 14 days of delivery of the Product(s). 




11. All invoices that have not been settled by the due date will be increased as of right and without formal notification of default by an automatic penalty of 10% of the outstanding sum by way of compensation and interests, with an absolute minimum charge of EUR 40,-. Payments should mention the references indicated in the invoice (the order number).


Execution of the Purchase Agreement


12. After settlement of the respective invoice or in case the Customer holds an verified ABC Webshop account ABC Webshop sends the order to the concerned Supplier(s). The Supplier(s) is/are responsible for shipment of the Product(s). The Purchase Agreement is executed by the Supplier(s) by shipping the Product(s) to the address the Customer provided during the ordering process. 


13. Shipping will take place either by DHL or by any other suitable carrier selected by the Supplier.


14. If under exceptional circumstances the Supplier is not able to deliver the Product as offered, the ABC Webshop will inform the Customer about this. If the Customer made an advance payment, the ABC Webshop will refund that. Any additional cost will be carried by the Supplier.




15. In case of non-conformity of the received Poduct(s) or any other complaints the Customer may contact the ABC Webshop. Minimal deviations that are customary in the industry shall not entitle the customer to any claims. The customer will check the supplied product immediately after the delivery. If a product is not of the quality specified in the product description, the customer will be entitled to a replacement. In order to perform the exchange or replacement appropriately, the customer must inform us of the defect and request rescission immediately after the defect is determined, at the latest, however, within 90 days of receipt of the product. In case of a complaint arising from a defect in the product delivered the ABC webshop reserves the right to request an informational report on the measurement results. If the material defect is comprehensible, the customer will be given its money back or an appropriate credit to the invoice amount. The ABC Webshop will arrange for the products to be collected. The customer must ensure that the packaging is appropriate for transportation.


Limitation of liability


16. In no event shall ABC or the ABC Webshop be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damage, or damage for loss of profits, revenue, data or use, incurred by the Customer or any third party, whether in action in contract or tort, arising from Customer’s access to, or use of the website or any content provided on or through the website.


17. In no event shall ABC or the ABC Webshop be liable to any damage caused by the use of Product(s) purchased via the ABC Webshop. 


18. ABC or the ABC Webshop do not accept any liability for errors in price or specification of Product(s) offered on the ABC Webshop.


Intellectual property rights


19. All intellectual property rights to the ABC Webshop are held exclusively by ABC. 


Applicable laws and competent courts


20. The agreements made between ABC or the ABC Webshop and the Customer will be governed by the law of the Netherlands. Any disputes shall be submitted to the competent judge in Amsterdam. 


Latest revision: December 2021.