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Angene is pledged to providing quality chemicals for use in research and development and commercial manufacturing. Angenes offers over 100,000 products including lab reagents, intermediates, bulk commodities, agro-chemicals, natural ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In addition to the 100,000+ products, Angene offers custom synthesis of chemicals that are not commercially available.

Abebio is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production of high quality biological products such as proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits. Abebio produces thousands of ELISA kits, for the detection of a wide range of targets, such as cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, hormones, viral antigens and recombinant proteins.

Our company strives for outstanding results at competitive prices; high yields, production efficiency, utmost purity and uncompromising biological activity. In addition, providing high quality products to our customers, Abebio also provides comprehensive customer service to a broad range of customers around the globe, from academic and government research institutions to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Abcepta is a leading manufacturer of primary antibodies with more than fifteen years of experience. We supply quality antibodies and related products drug discovery and academic laboratories worldwide. Our focus is on targets covering the major research areas impacting health and disease, including cancer, metabolism, cardiovascular, neuroscience, and stem cells.

Biologix is specialized in the R & D and production of disposable medical detection reagents & supplies, laboratory supplies & instruments, and complete biobanking solutions. Biologix has a responsible and flexible team of major technological and managerial talents in the field of life science and medicine. Biologix is rated as a High-Tech Enterprise. Taking “Serve Human Health” as the object, Biologix’s two brands: BIOLOGIX and CryoKING enjoy international excellence and reputation from the power of the sustainable innovation and continuous improvement.


Ecalbio Co.; Ltd specialize in developing reagents of immunassay technology and biological systems with higher accuracy and reliability for results of the highest quality.

Ecalbio builds up professional platform to develop more than 10,000 products, including antibodies, antigens, biochemicals, ELISA kits, CLIA kits, and laboratory equipments,etc.

Ecalbio laboratories manufacture Antibodies, Proteins, Food safety ELISA kits, Food safety Rapid Tests, Animal Disease ELISA Kits, Animal Disease Rapid Test Kits, Laboratory equipments with incubators and diagnostic system.
Ecalbio has an enthusiastic and creative R&D team, consisting with a group of experienced technicians in lateral flow immunoassay field, and set up long relationship with first-class institutes,universities,academies, to provide excellent service for human healthy and earth.

  Elabscience specializes in immunodiagnostic technology for life science community. We have complete platform for R&D and manufacture. At the same time, we have in house QC for every product, endeavoring to keep your experiment results more consistent and precise. Through unremitting effort and development, our customers have spread in more than 100 countries all over the world.
Eurogentec is a one-stop-shop biotechnology service company providing life science products and personalized services to academic, medical and industrial scientists world-wide. 

Eurogentec is a trusted CDMO internationally recognized for the development and production of biopharmaceutical critical raw materials and therapeutic molecules.

Wuhan Feiyue Biotechnology Co., LTD., is focusing on the research and development, production, sales and import and export of biological research reagents and primary and secondary medical devices. Feiyuebio has been working in the field of biotech since 2005, with a rich experience of nearly 20 years in medical device research and development, production and sales. Wuhan Feiyue Biotechnology have their our own research and sales team with special tech support of professors from affiliated universities as technical consultants. 
  Fitzgerald Industries International - Global supplier of antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits
Fitzgerald is a manufacturer and supplier of primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, recombinant and native proteins, ELISA kits, Serum and Plasma, and many other biological reagents. Our motto ‘Bringing Life to Science’ illustrates our personal approach to addressing the individual needs, interests and expertise of our customers. We believe that our outstanding customer service and excellent quality products at competitive prices are key to our success.
FineTest is an professional research reagent manufacturer offering about 7,000 types Elisa kits and 10,000 types Antibodies with stable product quality as well available publications.
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Medaysis develops and delivers primary antibodies, polymer detection kits for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) single or double staining for cancer, infectious diseases, neuroscience and other life science research. Medaysis provides a comprehensive portfolio of products including more than 1,000 primary antibodies, a broad range of detection reagents and a variety of tissues.
  The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) plays a leading national and international role in assuring the quality of biological medicines and diagnostics.
  Immundiagnostik AG was founded by Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster in 1986 and is now an internationally active diagnostics company with representatives in over 70 countries. The focus of our work is the development and production of innovative immunoassays, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, PCR and other analytical detection methods for medical routine and research. In addition, you will find a wide range of antibodies and antigens in our portfolio. Further services like proficiency testing or contract developments complete our program.
OriGene Technologies was founded as a research tool company focused on the creation of the large commercial collection of full-length human cDNAs in a standard expression vector. The availability of the complete human genome sequence and the subsequent development of genome-based tools have enabled the identification of relevant drug targets through system biology approaches. OriGene's vision is to prepare comprehensive, genome wide research tools and technology platforms to enable scientists to study complete biological pathways, thus enabling a better understanding of disease mechanisms including cancer and stem cell research.
Sanquin Reagents offers high quality blood grouping and immune reagents. Sanquin is one of the few organizations in the world to combine medical, diagnostic and scientific activities under the same roof, all in the field of blood. With 2,000 committed colleagues and 345,000 blood donors, we can provide a better life for 300,000 patients each year.
  Santa Cruz Biotechnology is a world leader in the development of products for the biomedical research market. Over the past thirty years, the Company has focused on the ongoing development of research monoclonal antibodies, biochemicals, labware and CRISPR products. Santa Cruz Biotechnology has the highest commitment to quality and customer service.
Sony Biotechnology has developed an innovative approach to capturing and decoding the information gained through flow cytometry. Spectral analysis technology unique to Sony flow cytometers enables scientists to better visualize flow cytometric data by collecting and saving a wider spectrum of visual information and allowing scientists to examine that information with greater granularity—down to individual spectral fingerprints. As a result, spectral technology reduces complexities associated with flow cytometric analysis, improves detection of rare populations and accuracy of fluorescent data including independent signal detection of autofluorescence –all of these are critical to biomedical discovery.

Sony Biotechnology offers a wide range of reagents with a focus on flow cytometry.

St John’s Laboratory is offering commercially-validated and peer-reviewed primary and secondary antibodies. St John’s Laboratory believes the best way they can guarantee satisfaction is through the provision of up to date testing data, as well as independent assessment - and thereby inviting all of there customers to take part in there Antibody Validation Project, where St John’s Laboratory offers one of the greatest supplies of trial size antibodies available on the market.

There vision is to give there researcher partners as much control over their work as possible, by providing real up to date reviews and testing information. As St John’s Laboratory encourage exploration of antibody specificity, species cross-reactivity and applications testing. And working alongside customers to carry out performance tests, so you can be assured that quality is the top of St John’s Laboratory agenda.

  Thermo Scientific instruments, equipment, software, services and consumables empower scientists to solve for complex analytical challenges in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, as well as the clinical laboratory. Our products address a range of needs from sample, material characterization and chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and biological-based therapeutics manufacturing.

U-CyTech biosciences is a biotech company founded in 1999 in cooperation with Utrecht University and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands (Europe).

U-CyTech offers ELISA, ELISPOT and FluoroSpot systems in different formats. In addition, we develop ‘in house’ a wide range of highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directed to a wide range of proteins from different species. 

As a research-oriented company and dedicated employees, U-CyTech is personally involved in each and every order and take pleasure in being able to offer personal service and the highest standards of quality to all our customers.

United States Biological's biochemicals, antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell culture media and molecular biology kits are used in virtually all scientific applications and settings, including genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and the diagnosis of disease. Products are available from affordable research quantities to larger bulk amounts for process development and production. Our customers include most of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies located in the US and abroad.